Once, when I was born in a small family with the last number of large and unusual ability, is far from over, and often lack. I was born in a family environment is warm even with all the limitations. A large number of family members that I have not changed the sense of togetherness and belonging to one another.

I am the last girl in the family list. Raised in a family which is too limited, but enough for me, not necessarily look fine for most people. And I remain grateful to enjoy it all.

Now the date is July 5, 2012, almost close to the age of 23. I feel that I have not even become anything, for myself, other people, the environment, even the most important thing for my family. And the state of today’s increasingly took on the state that I failed so far.

Being ‘GOOD’ is not enough. I have a very distant dream for the future life. But flavor-it so far I’m failed become a person who good and beneficial for people-people who I hold dear and I loved. Probably too much to set out and looked at my big dream. While my little dreams is yet and be far , I have not been able to realize the closest of all it all.

However I believe in the power of God. I’m still trying to be a good Moslem in my view. In the way and my way, I live life and enjoy the blessings that God gave me.

I just do not have to put off things that would take me a better person than before and can make a change in my life. With all the ease with which god should I be able to give.

Maybe it’s late, but I still keep trying and trying to do a lot to my life and I will do as my Lord and my family.