When I was 17, I decided to try to live independently with my family off. And I decided to start to live by myself with a lot of my family. With a heavy heart, I’d stay away from my parents. Early heavy and not easy.

Begin by familiarizing themselves with life and live a new environment and new friends. Residence and the new customs as well. Unlike much of the village is full of peace and very natural.

Living in the city of ‘T’ is any adaptation and I started struggling to get used to things I never expected. I am not alone, although there are still some siblings who live close to my new friends that can add color to my life.
1.6 years went by my presence in the town of ‘T’ just makes me feel very far away from parents and friends over the village. It’s not easy.

I decided to go home to my parents for the exact date of December 2, 2008. End of the weight as well as fun. Heavy with the sense that I end my dream city ‘T’ and fun because I go home to my parents.
Like most of my life events such as a mirror for those who experience the same event.

Although I’m far from my parents, though I never forget them and stop praying for them. I love them more than anything. So did my friends and my work.

An obligation to work for me I live my life and became a way for me to fight in my life. God has provided everything I need in my life. Although sometimes I seek and ask for much else I want. and I remain grateful.