For the umpteenth time, I get the things out I thought. Get a briefing from the great people around me. Learning about life, which could be a point and provision in our lives. I’m grateful for that.

Doing a lot of things or not always be judged and rewarded, but also something that deserves to things that are worth the time it means something and make something, especially it is good and useful. Not about wages but about how you love and do things with hearts, thoughts, and intentions are sincere. And be the result of the efforts that we do will be worth. good and bad it does not have to be the end result. because it could be the assessment will be the content, inputs, ways, and things that help a success or an additional value that will be created.

Blessing of the efforts and results that will be your satisfaction or it will be something creative booster of existing businesses and that will be created. Similarly, work, work is also a work, we not only create or pursue an activity. But it reflected what we can do and be whatever be the way of business that, we consider the results.

Maybe there is ever dismissed or not even believe in a “motivation”. Motivation alone is not only available on the intentions and desires as well as we thought, but the motivation can be sourced from other factors and a lot of things. Sometimes the motivation is there within us can lead to what we want, occasionally not. Believe it or not, sometimes we forget and ignore when there are others who try to remind us to the motivations that we have. So, if you occasionally need to listen and willing to accept the motivations of others, not hurt. Maybe we can apply, and can help us, though not absolute. Learn by Doing… is fun 🙂