Parents, figure two most important figures in my life. Tough guys and authoritative to me, who always protected me and educate me with wisdom, I called him FATHER. Great woman, strong, patient nan expert, educate and accompany my growth fairly well, and I called her MOM.

They are heroes to me. They are the most important person in the history of my life, and until whenever. My father and my mother lives likes  me. Nothing else can stop me except them. Although I live far away from them, my heart and mind does not mean much anyway. And prostrations in my prayers, I was always hugging them tightly. I entrust them only to my God Allah. And I believe God gave the best weeks to my loved ones.

I always hope that God will always honor the parents of my heart and deeds during their lifetime. and the correlation function of the relationship between children and their parents and brothers and sisters in my family can work well according to the rules of God. I am very grateful for being part of their lives and I’m thankful for all things unto the Lord my God.

When God gave me a good opportunity and can provide the means of life ini.Aku would never waste the opportunity. I was born on what was supposed to be God-given. I am grateful to your mother, father, I love you for your sincerity. And I’m proud to be your child. Although every second there are many things to torment me because I could never be your pride and I have not been able to provide the best for you. God willing, I will strive to realize it. Love  You much Mom,Dad :). ({})